To the best of our knowledge this outlines how your HBR membership profile & contact information is used for approved purposes in order to protect your privacy.

Home Address & Home Phone

"Home Address" and "Home Phone" is kept private by HBR, HAR & NAR and is never given out unless this information is the same as your preferred or primary contact information. NAR requires that a "Home Address" be provided.


By providing HBR with your email address you are allowing us to communicate association related messages (weekly E-News subscription included in your membership dues, Board bulletins, messages regarding your membership and benefits, etc.). HBR does not sell or distribute the member e-mail list. NAR requires that an E-mail Address be provided.

Credit Information

Credit information that you and credit authorizers provide when you make payments by credit card or electronic check for products, dues or other services via the REALTOR® Electronic Commerce Network ("E-Commerce Network") will only be used to process the transactions you request. This information will be provided to and maintained by reputable credit reporting databases, but will never be sold, shared or provided to other third parties.

HBR Member Roster

HBR's quarterly roster (PDF format) will include your primary contact phone number and your office information (address, phone, fax). Individual e-mail addresses do not appear in the quarterly roster. Members of HBR are allowed to download the roster from within the Members Only section of and its purpose is to be used strictly for association/real estate-related purposes.

Hawaii Association of REALTORS® (HAR)

HAR uses member contact information to communicate with members for association purposes only (i.e. HAR weekly email bulletin & monthly newsletter) and does not sell your contact information to anyone. Click here for more information.

National Association of REALTORS® (NAR)

NAR uses member contact information to communicate with members for association purposes. Click here for more information.

Affiliate Members & Benefits Providers

Affiliate Members who wish to promote their products or services to HBR members are provided a page on where members can choose to view the latest promotional offerings. From time to time, HBR may send promotional emails to members about worthy promotions from Affiliate Members and Benefits Providers. HBR will use its discretion to determine a promotion's worthiness to members.